Exterior Folding, Bi-fold & Sliding Glass Walls

Folding and sliding glass walls are pervasive in modern designs, offering daylight, space flexibility, and a healthy dose of fresh air.  These systems promote connectivity and community among the building occupants and are often recognized as one of the most impactful elements of the design.

  • RENLITA manufactures an innovative line of vertically acting, counter-weight balanced door systems.  Featuring incredible span capabilities and limitless glazing and cladding options, these stunning systems provide both daylight and space flexibility while connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Bring the outside in with folding and sliding glass wall systems and gas strut windows from ACTIVWALL.  These sophisticated door systems become a prominent feature of any design adding both flexibility and style.  Bi-fold and sliding glass wall systems in aluminum thermally broken, aluminum clad wood, and wood systems.  Top supported and floor-supported systems.
  • Highly experienced installers and owner direct service techs for all product lines.