Interior Folding, Bi-fold & Sliding Glass Walls

Folding and sliding glass walls are pervasive in modern designs, offering daylight and space flexibility.  These systems promote connectivity and community among the building occupants and are often recognized as one of the most impactful elements of the design.

  • Folding glass wall systems from MODERNFOLD provide unmatched flexibility and a range of acoustic performance. Systems with no vertical rails provide a sleek, contemporary look with low-to-moderate acoustic separation while the Acousti-Clear system provides a fully sound-sealed system offering 45 STC with glass pass doors.
  • Frameless, sliding glass wall systems from KLEIN provide unmatched contemporary aesthetics and sleek, effortless operation.  The Extendo system offers a unique synchronized, telescopic operation, resulting in wide span openings up to 16′-2″ wide with no floor track.