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Modernfold Acousti-Clear 51 + Skyfold Zenith 51 + Modernfold Acousti-Seal Encore 52


Sherman & Howard Law Firm recently relocated to Block 162, making it the first tenant to move into Denver’s newest skyscraper. Block 162’s location was a big factor in what made it a good fit for the firm, not only for location, but for the magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains to the South (Pikes Peak) and West (Mt. Evans).

Say goodbye to the dark, uninspired windowless meeting rooms of the past. Step inside Sherman & Howard’s multi-functional spaces outfitted with Modernfold and Skyfold operable partitions that bring bright natural daylight in and assure speech privacy through incredible STC ratings. The flexibility and ease of use of the walls allow one person to quickly transform the spaces to be used for any event including small team or client meetings or larger gatherings such as client education programs, firmwide meetings, or even social events.

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Featured Above: Modernfold Acousti-Clear 51

Modernfold Acousti-Clear was intentionally chosen for use at the perimeter of the meeting rooms directly adjacent to the building’s glass curtainwall. Users of these spaces are afforded incredible views to the south and west, and these glass walls have the dual effect of driving daylight deep into these meeting rooms while also making the rooms feel spacious. Acoustic performance was also top of mind for Sherman & Howard, with the Acousti-Clear system delivering the beauty of glass along with the benefit of 45 or 51 STC rated acoustics.


Featured Above: Skyfold Zenith 51

Between the multi-function rooms, two Skyfold Zenith vertical walls were included in the design. The use of Skyfold provides incredible acoustic separation, unmatched aesthetics, and motorized operation allows for the spaces to be quickly reconfigured in multiple options for meetings of different sizes. This vertically retractable wall system also provides more usable floor space by eliminating the space typically required for storing panels in the room(s) when fully opened. The Skyfold Zenith has a narrow path of travel that permits furniture set up to be in close proximity to the partition. Starting at an incredibly lightweight 6 lbs per sq. ft., the Skyfold Zenith comes in options of 48, 51 55 and 60 STC ratings.

modernfold acousti-seal encore 52

Sherman & Howard selected an opaque operable wall at the perimeter of the multi-function space and the office social space to achieve superior sound separation, eliminate visual distractions when the room is occupied for meetings, and allow for the entire space to be opened for large team and client social events. Modernfold Acousti-Seal Encore was chosen for this location for its acoustic performance and unmatched design aesthetics. Available in 52, 54, or 56 STC, Encore features 4″ thick panel construction in both manual and motor operated systems with operable top and bottom seals.

This project represented a unique opportunity to reimagine Sherman & Howard’s workplace strategy completely, using input from their team members to design for a new hybrid model that emphasized culture and collaboration. The old office had big, glassy offices for lawyers while staff were in smaller interior spaces without natural light. The new office blends staff and lawyer workspaces along the office’s floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

“Another thing people like about the office is how sunny it is.” said Sherman & Howard CEO Greg Densen. “We all moved to Colorado, or we’re living in Colorado, in part because of the weather and the sunshine,” he said, “and this really celebrates that.” In the weeks since the firm moved in, it has already hosted a handful of events for community organizations and nonprofits, including diversity, equity and inclusion groups and groups focused on Denver’s 2026 World Cup bid.

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