For those of us lucky enough to call CO, WY, NM, or West TX home, we boast of over 300+ days of sunshine every year.  While this makes for great recreation, we love it for the opportunity to tap into all that sunlight as a source to brighten and enliven the buildings on which we work.  The profound impact of effective daylighting design is documented in study after study… reduced absenteeism, enhance productivity, improved student performance, faster recovery times, higher retail sales, and more.  Oh yes, and let’s not forget… it’s free.

To capture these benefits and meet your design objectives, our portfolio of daylighting solutions provides unmatched versatility.  Whether you’re looking to make an architectural design statement or you’re focused solely on the functional benefits, our team of experts will guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate system based on the intended use of the space, budget and structural considerations, and a multitude of other aesthetic and performance objectives including light transmittance, energy efficiency, LEED objectives, and more.

“Powers Products represents a number of top line building products.  Two of my particular favorites are Kalwall and Modernfold.  We specified these products on several recent projects and the information and help we got from the very knowledgeable staff at Powers led to outstanding architectural results!  I really appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Powers Products to produce the best architecture possible.”

– Jim Bershof, Principal, Oz Architecture