Smokeguard Elevator fire and smoke containment
McKeon fire and smoke containment stairway

By Summer 2022, all JCR accredited hospitals and/or facilities will be required to demonstrate quantitatively all their smoke control systems and facility compartmentalization to be compliant to the standards to which they were originally designed.

Periodic testing, recording and maintenance requirements per NFPA 80 and 105 will be scheduled and executed. At Powers, planned maintenance is an important consideration when it comes to building products that are used routinely. You’ve made an investment in a product, one of ours, or even another brand similar to ours. Similar to the oil changes on your car, this minimal investment will ensure that these systems continue to perform and operate smoothly and safely throughout their useful lives.

Our dedicated, in-house service team has 60+ years of direct experience in the service, maintenance and repair of all makes and models of operable walls and accordion partitions, demountable walls, door systems, fire and security doors, translucent wall systems and skylight repair and replacements.

Smoke Guard
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