Open plan designs promote connectivity, community, and an abundance of daylight.  However, these design objectives often clash head-on with building codes that rely on fire and smoke compartmentalization to ensure life-safety standards for building occupants and first responders.  Insert Powers… with an innovative platform of fire and smoke-rated door and curtain systems that afford you the flexibility to achieve the design you want while meeting the requisite code standards.

“When I see a Powers Products’ item specified on a project that I am estimating, I get a sense of relief. They are exceptional in communication – I know they’ve received my invitation, I know they are working on the proposal, and I’m always assured that I will see the proposal on or before the due date I’ve given. The proposals are well thought out and go above & beyond the price – details on the construction of the product are submitted and/or cut sheets, and if something isn’t necessarily indicated on the documents that may be desired, they will give add alternates to alert me of that. Any questions that Powers has during bidding/budgeting are asked in a timely manner, which further assures me that their head is in the project well before pricing is due. The professionalism I experience with the preconstruction crew at Powers Products is nothing less than top notch!”

 – Laura Kingfisher, Preconstruction Manager, i2 Construction