Modernus LAMA_01_02_bissPowers recent partnership with Modernus has expanded it’s Space Flexibility portfolio with a new modern architectural glass wall system.  The Modernus Lama is an elegant, versatile glass wall system that maintains the same proportions in all of its elements to ensure complete visual symmetry.  The Lama offers a 1-1/2″ top and bottom profile with a +/- 1″ adjustability (1” on the lower profile and 1” on the upper profile) for simplified installation.  Designed with an integrated sliding track system incorporating sliding doors with visual continuity requiring no alteration or additional installation time.  Lama is offered as a frameless or framed glass system in single or dual glaze to provide superior sound performance and comes in a wide range of anodized finishes.  Modernus Fimo_01bis_03Modernus also provides the flexibility of incorporating flush, prehung wood modules into the Lama glass wall system with their Fimo product line.  The Fimo wood modules use the most advanced construction technology available with magnetic locks, concealed hinges, tension bars and adjustable features working together with the Lama to create a sense of true design sophistication.  With Modernus, wood and glass are kept on the same visual plane, elevating the design aesthetic.


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