Translucent Panel Systems

Diffused natural daylight is the hallmark of KALWALL’S revolutionary translucent sandwich panel technology.  Varying insulation levels and light transmissions ranging from uninsulated panels (R-2 and 55% light transmission) to aerogel filled panels (R-20 and 20%) provide unmatched flexibility to meet demanding energy codes and any design objective.  Sandwich panel construction results in an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio enabling the system to achieve significant unsupported spans on virtually any part of the building enclosure.

With over 45 years of leadership in the translucent panel industry, Powers has unmatched knowledge and experience to help make your project a success.  Common applications include:

  • Clerestory and punched window openings
  • Façade systems with integral high performance glass windows
  • Custom and pre-engineered skyroofs
  • Unit skylights
  • Window replacement
  • Canopies and walkways
  • Pool enclosures