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How the Vertical-Lift Counterweight Balanced System Operates

The Renlita vertical-lift system use counterweights in the jambs to effortlessly move the door. The counterweights eliminate any need for hydraulics, straps, or cables, and allow the system to have a very small motor, which is essentially used to get the door/weights in motion. Since the system is completely jamb supported, it greatly reduces the lateral load applied to the building structure, and eliminates the need for structure at the head.

Amazingly, doors up to 90’ wide x 30’ high can be provided by Renlita, and they can accommodate up to 14 lbs/sf of cladding. High thermal performing double and triple glazed windows are available, making Renlita doors the best in the industry in NFRC air infiltration and U-factor/R-value.

Benefits of Counterweight Balanced Systems:

Completely jamb supported (no overhead structure needed)

No overhead track

Minimal intrusion into interior space

Many material and cladding choices

Can span great widths and heights (up to 90’w x 30’h)

Withstands high winds in closed and open positions

Weather tight & insulated

Smooth & quiet operation

Clean, precise detailing

Can be manually operated

Minimal electrical requirements

Additional customization available

Renlita offers a wide range of opening styles to fit the aesthetic desired for your project including:

Vertical Lifting System (Renlita S-500)

Vertical Pivot System (Renlita S-1000)

Vertical Hinged System (Renlita S-2000)

Vertical Bi-Folding System (Renita S-3000)

Aluminum Vertical Bi-Folding System (Renlita A-750)

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Building Types

Industrial & Historic Buildings

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Restaurants / Distilleries / Bars
Renlita S2000 - residence
Education / Offices / Retail


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