Broncos Banner

Powers is proud to have partnered with the Denver Bronco Super Bowl Champions as they prepared for their big win in the new state-of-the-art 90,000 square foot indoor practice facility in Centennial, Colorado featuring Kalwall translucent panels. Translucent Kalwall panels allow filtered, natural light into the facility so players can work on their game without the harsh glare, hot spots and shadows often associated with traditional skylights and glazing.  Designed by Sink Combs Dethlefs and built by Saunders Construction, Powers and Kalwall were brought in early in the design process to perform Daylight studies to ensure optimal light transmission levels, energy performance and aesthetics.

These regional university indoor practice facilities all have one thing in common……Kalwall transulcent panels!  Now let’s see who steps it up for a championship run in 2016.




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