As one of the leading design firms in our region, we are pleased to invite you to our 2018 Knowledge is Powers Continuing Education Series.  In addition to offering a diverse range of engaging presentations including many AIA approved courses for your team, we are maintaining our REWARDS program as a way of saying thank you for the relationships we’ve built with the design community over the years.  With $7,000 in prizes awarded over the last 4 years… it’s one more great reason to invite us in!



New 2018“SUCCESSFUL WORKPLACE DESIGN – ENGAGING A MULTI-GENERATIONAL WORKFORCE” – Course # AIAPPC-SWD100; (1) learning unit – Health, Safety, Welfare; Provider #40107463 – Powers Products Co.

This presentation will help designers understand important demographic trends and put this knowledge to use to create spaces that attract, engage, and retain a healthy, productive, and motivated workforce.

Learning Objectives:
• Designing spaces to attract and retain across a multi-generational workforce.
• Working well, examples of biophilic design and its positive impact on worker health.
• Acoustical considerations and the need to strike a balance between private and collaborative environments.
• Developing community through collaborative, flexible spaces.


New 2018“EVOLUTION OF HIGHER ED LEARNING AND LIVING SPACES” – Course # AIAPPC-HE100; (1) learning unit – Health, Safety, Welfare; Provider #40107463 – Powers Products Co.

This course will examine how higher education institutions are differentiating themselves in the competition for students and faculty through the creation of inspiring living-learning environments.

Learning Objectives:
• The impact of architecture in creating a campus experience that attracts and retains students and faculty.
• Designing inspirational Living-Learning communities.
• Fostering community and collaboration through creative design.
• Emphasizing sustainability and building longevity for occupant wellness and life cycle cost savings.


Updated 2018“MODERN LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS” – Course # AIAPPCED100; (1) learning unit – Health, Safety, Welfare; Provider #40107463 – Powers Products Co.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine trends impacting designs for modern educational facilities including:
    • External threats and lessons learned from Sandy Hook
    • Creating safe environments that reduce the likelihood of bullying
    • Supporting different learning styles and curriculums through flexibility, visibility, collaboration and biophilic design
    • Local market realities such as fast-tracking and cost escalation
    • IECC energy code requirements and the desire to create spaces that promote wellness for students and teachers alike.
  • Through case studies, demonstrate how differing design approaches have been used to address these trends while simultaneously producing distinctive, award-winning architecture.
  • Throughout the above, provide an understanding of the productivity and wellness benefits enjoyed by students and teachers in modern, efficient learning environments featuring abundant daylight, transparency, and flexibility.


New 2018“CREATIVE DAYLIGHTING AND SUSTAINABLE DESIGN” – Course # AIAPPCDAY200; (1) learning unit – Health, Safety, Welfare; Provider #40107463 – Powers Products Co.

Learning Objectives:
• Explore the advantages and benefits of diffused daylighting, in terms of health, safety and security
• Examine how thoughtful daylight delivery can impact sustainable design and energy conservation
• Demonstrate how daylighting systems are being creatively deployed in architecture
• Review the engineering and science behind a successful daylighting system


Updated 2018SPACE FLEXIBILITY… WITH A VIEW” Course # AIAPPCSM100; (1) learning unit – Health, Safety, Welfare; Provider #40107463 – Powers Products Co.

Learning Objectives:

  • Through case studies, examine design trends involving the use of flexible space separation systems including operable partitions and glass walls, vertically acting systems, bi-fold door systems, and sliding glass walls.
  • Understand critical design and structural considerations that impact the use of these systems.
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing glass space flexibility systems vs. conventional, acoustically-rated operable partition systems, with a focus on daylighting, energy savings, indoor environmental quality, and other sustainable design objectives.
  • Demonstrate the positive health and welfare effect on building occupants that can be achieved through the use of innovative space flexibility systems.


Updated 2018“OPEN DESIGN and BUILDING CODE COMPLIANCE” Course # AIAPPCF+S100; (1) learning unit – Health, Safety, Welfare; Provider #40107463 – Powers Products Co.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review IBC requirements related to fire and smoke protection for openings within Fire Walls and Fire Barrier Walls
  • Introduce innovative strategies utilizing fire and smoke-rated fabric curtains and coiling/sliding steel door systems to achieve open plan designs while meeting the above-referenced code requirements.
  • Utilizing case studies, examine the challenges often encountered when designing for fire and smoke-rated opening protectives and demonstrate the flexibility afforded through the use of advanced curtain and door systems to overcome these obstacles.
  • Examine how the use of wide-span opening protectives can promote daylighting, save energy, and help to achieve other sustainable design objectives.


Presentation Title

  • Successful Workplace Design – Powers Products – FEATURED, New 2018
  • Evolution of Higher Ed Learning and Living Spaces – Powers Products – FEATURED, New 2018
  • Modern Learning Environments – Powers Products – FEATURED, Updated 2018
  • Creative Daylighting and Sustainable Design – Powers Products – FEATURED, New 2018
  • Space Flexibility… With a View  – Powers Products –  FEATURED, Updated 2018
  • Open Design + Building Code Compliance – Powers Products –  FEATURED, Updated 2018
  • Architectural Vertical Opening Solutions – Renlita  – Updated 2018
  • Dynamic Daylight – Top daylighting: A Circadian Health and Wellness Perspective  – Velux, New 2018
  • Moveable Glass Partition Systems  – Modernfold
  • Opening Doors to Design Opportunities with the Model Building Codes – McKeon
  • Fire and Smoke Curtains:  Meeting Atrium Smoke Requirements – Smoke Guard
  • Design Solutions: Smoke Protection at the Elevator Hoistway – Smoke Guard

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