Community.  Collaboration.  Connected.  Three of the most prominent design themes spawned by the sea-change we are witnessing as millennials replace the baby boomers in the workforce.  Whether it’s Universities competing for the best students, hotels competing for corporate clients, or companies competing for talent, the spaces in which we live, work, study, and play are being designed to attract and retain.

Space flexibility is the bedrock of many of today’s most successful design strategies including vibrant common areas, break-out spaces that promote both collaboration and privacy, digitally connected conference and meeting rooms that are easily reconfigured to facilitate meetings of different sizes and needs, and the list goes on.  With a deep portfolio of space flexibility systems and unrivaled experience in this scope arena, our team will help you determine the best system for your project based on various objectives and constraints including layout considerations, acoustic performance, structural support needs, and many other aesthetic and performance options.

“Working with Powers Products is like working with an expert extension of our design team – particularly as it relates to partition solutions.  While they offer standard solutions for projects, we often challenge the standard and push for more innovative solutions for our designs.  Powers steps up every time and works together with us to deliver the most beautiful spaces.”

– Gillian Hallock Johnson, Principal, Burkett Design